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Will I have to do any finishing/touch-up after the windows are installed?

We aim to provide the most maintenance free product and we always install with the intention of it being completely finished but there’s often a small bit of drywall or painting work needed after we finish our part of the project.

Is there anything I need to do before the installers show up?

We ask that our customers remove their blinds, store any valuable or delicate  and clear furniture away from the windows we will be working on. This is for a couple of reasons: to avoid damaging your beautiful belongings and to make things efficient and allow our installers to get right to work when they show up. We thank you for your assistance in maximizing efficiency on the jobsite!

What is LowE glass? Do I need that?

Low-E is a see-through “soft coat” coating that is bonded to the glass and sealed in between the double pane so it will not wash off when you clean your windows. It’s measured by two ratings: U-Value and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) that directly correspond to heat transfer caused by intense UV rays. Its general function is to reflect your heating back inside on cold days, and reflect UV and heat away from the house on hot days.

This translates to lower A/C bills in the summer, less fade and damage to your floors and furniture, and increased comfort when standing in front of your windows.

Are these window brands you carry going to be around for a long time? We may not be able to do them all at once.

We offer brands that will stand the test of time. A big part of buying new windows is making sure you can send in warranty claims and service orders as needed and so we do our best to make sure that not only the product we’re installing is quality, but also that the manufacturer behind it will uphold their promises and continue to service their products should the need arise.

Do the windows come with a warranty?

All of the brands we offer include a warranty specific to the needs of their product. A number of our brands offer a warranty that even passes on to the next owner of the house.

Does the installation come with a warranty?

Yes, our install and all materials involved are warranted for 5 years. If any problems arise with fasteners, trim, caulking, or other installation materials, we will come out and make it right!

Where can I see the windows and doors, do you have some current work going on in my area ?

Upon request, yes certainly, and we respect our homeowners doing these projects with us to keep privacy and sensitive information in high regard. 

How about dark colors? We were thinking about black windows on the outside.

We have a few products that work for dark colors better than others. Dark painted vinyl is usually not ideal, especially in such a hot and arid climate like we have here in mile high Denver. We recommend Fibrex,or aluminium cladding, or fiberglass,  as they are produced with the color extruded into the material, makingthese choices far more resilient to the heat and less prone to bubbling and warping.

Business, Policy, & Regulation

How long have you been in business? Do you have a good reputation?

We have been selling and installing windows in Denver since 1981. We have completed projects in almost every municipality in metro Denver over the last 40 years and pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of many types of windows and doors. We have lots of great references from happy customers that are still enjoying our beautifully installed windows to this day!

Do you do work in the mountains?

We sure do! We have happy customers all throughout the mountains!

Does this kind of work require a permit from the city or county?

Most of the time, pulling a permit is not required. It depends on the municipality you live in. Some cities have very strict rules and expectations (usually if the project involves cutting new openings or resizing existing ones). Check with us and we can look into whether pulling a permit will be necessary.

Quotes, Orders, & Payment

What has to happen before I can receive my quote?

We come out to your home and take measurements and ask about a few details/options. Then, we come back to the office and work on putting together a quote that we send to your email. We have a small showroom in our office with samples and displays of most of the brands we offer and we invite all our customers to make an appointment to come see the windows they intend to purchase to get a better idea of what the finished product will look like.

Once I approve the project and send my deposit, what are the final steps before getting an order placed?

Our first visit is intended to get a general look at the whole project and gather rough measurements. We come out again and confirm measurements and go over the project as a whole to make sure we are all on the same page before we send the order into production.

How is payment handled?

We do not offer bank financing,  but have a few methods of payment. The most efficient of which is a bank transfer. We can take a credit card but will have to add a 2% fee for credit card processing. We can always take a check as well. We require 50% of the full job amount before we place the order and the remaining balance is collected within 2 weeks of project completion. Warranty issues are handled by the manufacturer and do not constitute a means to hold back final payment.

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